doPDF is built on the same platform and by the same company as novaPDF. While doPDF is free and recommended for casual use, novaPDF is recommended for more advanced PDF needs.

Below is a quick comparison between doPDF and novaPDF to help you decide which fits your needs best.

NovaPDF Professional

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DoPDF (Free)

Actions, Emails & Upload
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Automatically upload generated PDF to FTP/SFTP servers
Automatically send PDF via email
After save actions with presets (open, run, copy, delete)
PDF Bookmarks
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Add PDF Bookmarks
Detect bookmarks by font, size, style, color
Allow multiline bookmarks
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Private and public profiles
Share as network printer
Use through Remote Desktop Connection
Use with Terminal Services
Document information
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Set PDF information (title, subject, author, keywords)
Choose PDF Version (1.3/1.4/1.5/1.7)
Add Copyright info in PDF
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Embed font subsets
"Embed all fonts" and "Always/never embed" list of fonts
Support for OpenType, TrueType and Type1 fonts
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Add multiple virtual PDF printers
Print from any Windows application
Interface available in multiple languages
Create and manage predefined page sizes
Set page orientation (portrait/landscape)
Embed formulas, tables and images
Use custom page size
Page scaling (1-400%)
Detect URLs/local files and convert to PDF links
Set printing resolution (72 to 2400 dpi)
Add-ins for Microsoft Office
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Compress/Downsample text and graphics
Downsample indexed/monochrome/high color images
JPEG and ZIP compression methods
Print Monitor & History
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Printer Monitoring tool
Printing history with statuses
Export realtime and archived printing monitor logs
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Encrypt PDF files (AES, 128-bit and 256-bit)
Add password protection (user, owner)
Disallow extracting text and graphics from the PDF
Disallow printing the document
Watermarks, Overlays & Signatures
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)
Sign PDF files (using digital signatures)
Overlay PDF files
Insert text/image PDF watermarks
NovaPDF Professional (PAID) DoPDF (Free)